BUSINESS PROJECT: Sale of the industrial trade equipment

I start business project:
Sale of the industrial trade equipment.
I attract partners and investments by the end of 2015.
I start this project in 4. quarter 2015.

1. Expanded description of the project
Essence is very simple. I have the Smartiplast LLC, it is successfully engaged in resale of plastic containers under the order in B2B sector.
I want to open a new company with the adjacent range (the industrial trade equipment). Algorithm and schemes are the same:
We do a web-site;
We look for suppliers;
We fill the web-site with content;
We advance the web- site;
We have orders, we carry out them and get profit.
In 3-4 months from start the firm will bring in the stable income.
Approximate list of the equipment:
industrial show-windows
industrial refrigerators
various processing equipment:
equipment for pizzerias,
ice generators
industrial meat grinders
scales, scanners, printers
racks, furniture, dummies
carts loading etc
Striking example of the competitor – «Trading House Elves».
2. Marketing
Advance only online.
Strategy of advance is defined by skilled SEO expert (in a back-office in Shanghai)
3. What resources we need?
The project manager with experience of sales of the industrial equipment and knowledge of suppliers. Territorially – from the region of the Russian Federation. It will be possible to work in our back-office in Shanghai.
500 USD registration of firm in the Russian Federation (one-time expenses)
0 USD creation of a web-site and its filling
0 USD the budget on Internet advance (in a month)
5000 USD payment to the Internet platforms (for the first 12 months)
2000 USD a salary to the project manager (in a month)
The project will be open within 6 business projects at once, under them the back-office and a firm therefore parts of expenses at this project it won’t be simple will be created! Look details on the site: in the section “General Concept”
4. Plan for sales and profit
Detailed plan of sales and exit to payback here:
For the 4th month, from the moment of hiring of the Project manager, we reach operational payback.
Monthly expenses: 2000 USD
Sales on months: 0, 3500, 7500, 14500 USD
Profitability point: a turn of 14500 USD at a margin of 20%
5. What risks we are?
Human factor. The project manager will carry out part of transactions through the other firm. (The decision – calls through call center, the return call to the client for control of a state of affairs) or to transfer the project manager to the back-office in Shanghai.
There are a lot of competitors, but we are guided by powerful Internet advance, the part of the market we will surely take.

On all questions write:
Yurlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich